Skull orders and families

Anseriformes (screamers, swans, geese and ducks)
Apodiformes (Treeswifts, hummingbirds, swifts)
Charadriiformes (avocets, stilts, Curlews, Sandpipers, Godwits, Dowitchers, Snipe and woodcocks, Phalaropes, Shanks and tattlers, Calidrids and turnstones, Skuas, Sheathbills, phalaropes, jacanas, terns, painted snipes, auks, Stone-curlews, plovers, dotterels, lapwings, pratincoles coursers Egyptian Plover, oystercatchers , Crab-plover, gulls, Skimmers)
Ciconiiformes (herons, egrets, bitterns, storks, ibises, spoonbills, Hammerkop)
Coliiformes (mousebirds)
Columbiformes (pigions, doves, Didines)
Coraciiformes (River kingfishers, (ground) hornbills, rollers, Ground-rollers, Tody, Cuckoo Roller, bee-eaters, woodhoopoes, scimitars, Hoopoe, motmots)
Cuculiformes (cuckoos, turacos, plantain-eaters, go-away-birds)
Falconiformes (, falcons and caracara’s, osprey, New World vultures, condor, Secretary birds)
Galliformes (Megapodes or incubator birds or mound-builders, guineafowl, pheasants, partridges, junglefowl, quail, peafowl, New World quail, grouse, capercaillie, Prairie-Chickens, chachalacas, guans, curassows, turkey, megapodes )
Gaviiformes (divers, loons)
Gruiformes (, Kagu, cranes, bustards, rails, crakes, coots, and gallinules, trumpeters, limpkin, seriemas, buttonquail, sunbittern)
Passeriformes (Wallcreeper, Lyrebird, rockfowl or bald crows, buntings, Penduline tits, Gnateaters, Woodcreepers, Leafbirds, kinglets or crests, , Cardinals, Long-tailed tits, Parrotbills, loras, tapaculos , larks, tanagers, waxwings, treecreepers, indigobirds and whydahs, crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, magpies, treepies, nutcrackers, Dippers, woodswallows, butcherbirds, Piopio, New Zealand wrens, Estrildid Finches, New Zealand wattlebirds, Broadbill, Cettis warblers, true finches, swallows, martins, fairy-bluebirds, shrikes, honeyeaters, Monarch flycatchers, pipits, wagtails, longclaws, Old World flycatchers, , whistlers, shrike-thrushes, shrike-tits, pitohuis, Crested Bellbird, tits, chickadees, Old World sparrows, weavers, accentors, bulbuls, sylviid warblers or true warblers, nuthatches, starlings, babblers, wrens, thrushes, sunbirds, spiderhunters, icterids, tyrant flycatchers, thrashers, mockingbirds, tremblers, birds of paradise, white-eyes, cuckoo-shrike, flowerpeckers, pittas, woodswallows, butcherbirds, man)
Pelecaniformes (Shoebill, Pelagornithidae, darters, pelicans, cormorants, shags, gannets, boobies, frigatebirds)
Piciformes (Honeyguides, American barbets, woodpeckers, toucans)
Podicipediformes (grebes)
Procellariiformes (petrels, prions, shearwaters., storm-petrels, albatrosses, pelicans)
Psittaciformes (New Zealand parrots, cockatoos, true parrots, parakeets, macaws)
Sphenisciformes (penguins)
Strigiformes (owls, barn-owls)
Struthioniformes (ostrich)
Trogoniformes (trogons)
Tinamiformes (tinamou)
Phoenicopteriformes (flamingo’s)
Rheiformes (rhea)
Casuariiformes (emu, cassowary)
Caprimulgiformes (Oilbird, potoos, Eared-nightjars, nightjars, nighthawks, frogmouths, owlet-nightjars)
Pteroclidiformes (sandgrouse)
Apterygiformes (kiwis)
Opisthocomiformes (hoatzin)